It's Cuckold Loser Day

Cuckolds Get A Holiday

It’s more than sugar skull day for me. I counted 5 cuckold calls in a row the last time I was on. This gives cuckolds a special day in my book, and I call it “All Cuckold’s Day” and “Day of the Cuck”. I’m a WASP, not Catholic, but I did a short little gothy thingie, black lipstick, chipped black nails, and crucifix necklaces. I’m happy that was short. Princesses do not like the dreary dreggs of goth. We prefer pastels, pink lipstick, and well lit malls. So there are variations of cuck:

Types Of Cuckolds And The Women Who Humiliate Them

*  The surprised cuck: This one comes home to find wife in the throws. Mad at first and then turned on.

*  The calculating cuck: This cuck starts the ball rolling, wife is not interested at first, but then all hell breaks loose.

*  The big black dick loving cuck: This cuck hangs out in dark cavern chat posing as a housewife to get big black alphas to chat. Sometimes he goes in as the small cocked cuck that he truly is.

* The sissy cuck: Sissy cucks are most likely to have the fluffing and cocksucking fantasy. Often they are banished to a small bedroom with hello kitty decor and lots of pink. Often they are in chastity.

*  The cream pie cuck: I call them “fluffernutters” . This is a nostalgic sandwich I heard on Madmen. It’s marshmallow and peanut butter on white bread. In this context, their snack is a cream pie after blowing the stud.

*  The slave cuck: This cucky becomes wife Mistresses slave. He is the extreme of submissive, he cries alot, and he gets whipped for crying. He often likes CFNM fantasies, performing for wife’s friends. Usually the studs enter after that.

Did I leave anyone out? As always, the Princess loves to hear feedback or new ideas. I did want to mention that cuck callers sound like they are whispering. Another Mistress calls them “cuck whisperers”. Nice vision!

Princess Britany