Princess Britany

Worship My Legs

Oh I had the sexiest phone sex call today from a hot Aussie boy, one inch shorter than me, who needed interrogation about his kinky phone sex fantasies. It turns out he was way into tease and please with the happy ending of eating his own cum off of my smooth long hot legs. He also had the fantasy of eating his cum off of the crack of my luscious ass.

Orgasms By Nipple

This boy could have nipple orgasms. No cum would spout, just the sensation of his dick twitching like an orgasm. I can just imagine it. When Jason licks my nipples I just about scream. Speaking of Jason, the most fun I have had with a big dicked boy is with him. Poor Zane, just a sissy nerd hanging out for the cream pie he never gets. I do have much affection for the boy though. He is a very good house boy who does as he’s told.

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cum On My Ass

So back to Aussie boy. Eventually, he did get to cum, and cum on my ass we did envision. The slurp slurps made me very proud of the fantasy we shared. He did it without hanging up, and I could tell.

No, I won’t be around tomorrow. It’s a ride Lilly day in the park. She needs a bit of exercise and sun, so do I. Toodles 🙂

Princess Britany