It's Princess Britany's Foot Boy Teaser

Cuckold Audio Teaser

A new cuckold teaser audio has been added to the audio page, but here is the link for you lazy beatches:


As the teaser goes, hubby comes home and the first thing he sees is Princess wife’s hand around a big thick cock. Hubby may or may not have a sizeable dick but Princess is bored and needs a bad boy who just wants to shag a Princess. The Princess has grown attached to cuckold husband‘s wallet and wit, so she will keep him around.

Foot Fetish Fantasy

My sexy feet encased in pantyhose gets many a boy hot, and I enjoy teasing you on how it would be if you were here serving my feet. I especially like the visual of you tied up in rope with my stockinged foot , very sweaty and fragrant, entering your mouth at a quick pace.  The most artistic of you would be sketching my feet. I may become very insensitive to your artistic nature by tearing up a sketch and throwing it at you. You must do better as far as Princess standards go! After a perfect sketch of  perfect feet is finished, then you will be allowed to stroke and cum , maybe even on my feet if that sketch is beyond perfect.

Free Phone Fantasy Calls All Month

Did you know that LDW is giving you free 10 minute phone fantasy calls all month? This is for boys who have called the service before. There will be a Mistress of the day providing the calls for you. I won’t be participating , sorry boys. You may call every single day for 10 min free. Toally awesome, isn’t it?