Princess Humiliation Holiday for Sissy

Princess humiliation is on the top of the list for every sissy. It could be a stocking stuffer if a note is left in the Mistress Stocking. “Please Mistress, some small penis humiliation. ” A Mistress Stocking is a stocking with requests that a submissive leaves for her which she may or may not heed. She can read them when presents are being exchanged. She can tear up some of the requests and toss them into the fireplace to be mean, the others she will consider.

Princess Humiliation For Christmas: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Tiniest Cock Cage in Her Stocking

With small sissy penis humiliation, Mistress thought of a little santa hat knitted for the panty waste, but who would knit it? Sissy would by demand. Imagine knitting your own present and humiliated by having it photoed and put in a Christmas album. Sissy may have a girlie Santa outfit and be made to serve a holiday party of mean princesses, ending in a CFNM party.

Objectified XMas Tree

Sissy can be an objectified Christmas tree, as well. She can stand there all lit up with tinsel and a star on top of her head. She can hold christmas balls …lol. In her stocking, she has all kinds of sex toys and the littlest chastity cage ever made, in pink of course. This is what Princess humiliation is all about on any holiday.

Orgasm Denial Gift

Of course you will ask, with all that humiliation, will sissy be taken out of orgasm denial for the holiday after she has been denied for a year? Princess says…no way! Being denied is one of her presents, after all, I just got her the tiniest cock cage in the world. Poor poor little Christmas sissy, teased and denied, treated like furniture and her requests burned. Well, it’s a wonderful life…heeheehee!


Princess Britany