Now wouldn’t you love to be on the back end of this photo. Anyways, fuckie, the pass around beatch shared a fantasy with us about public humiliation wearing pink panties under white pantyhose. The pantyhose has a tear in it and he is ordered to a lingerie shop for assistance. The sales assistant is asked to photo the slut with a run in pantyhose. Task completed by the sissy and the photo is sent to the Princess cell phone to be posted on social networks. Since fuckie loves public humiliation, sending the slut out in bright blue hot pants with pink pantyhose entering a buss full of sorority bitches would be prime. I wonder if they can detect the cocklock under the hot pants…hmmm


Do you love cock control? The plan is to get you on a strict masturbation schedule where 5 edges is added per day with a vibrating dildo . You start out with 5, each day 5 is added for a whole week. This will be done with other toys as well, cock rings included. Finally at the end of the week, you may or may not get a blast, just more cock tease. We may just add another week to that adding more edges. Let’s play!


Princess Britany