Princess or Mistress Preferences

You could say the Princess is a Mistress in training. A Princess is younger with a bitchy demeanor and mostly always has a mentor who is the Mistress. A Mistress has more patience with her submissives. She has perfected her craft through training in a dungeon, attending munches, and participating in the lifestyle. Your choice between Princess or Mistress is your choice, and it can be both of course.

Princess Or Mistress: The Difference: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Dreaming of Princess Humiliation

Sissies love Princesses because they emulate the naughty girl in fashion and trends. Their ultimate dream is to be taken to a mall by a Princess or two and treated like a pack mule. En femme that is. To be humiliated in public and scolded is the sissy dream. More than one Princess is always a plus. The giggles get to a sissy fast while their brain turns to mush and their little dicks get wood. A good face slap always excites a sissy. Girlie bois like to suck cock for Princess sometimes, but not always. Regular guys who love the bratty demeanor are more likely into stroker humiliation or body worship. They love it when Princess denies orgasm. She’s a young girl in power.

Princess Or Mistress: The Difference: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Down the Road, a Dominant is a Dominant

If Princess hangs in the lifestyle long enough, she will become a Mistress. A Mistress is most likely older and more sophisticated. Where a Princess may be concerned about her fab manicure being ruined in a BDSM scene, a Mistress will not. The Mistress likes to use her toys professionally. Her dynamic will be strict and stern and very confident. Do you want an adept and sophisticated handler of whips or a Princess who uses a pink paddle. Either way, Princess or Mistress, it’s all a matter of taste and kink.

Princess Britany