Princess Power Golden Girl Expects Praise And Worship Strokes

It’s time to post a new meme compliments of missile dick. It’s too bad Maya’s parents are so well to do in the entertainment field. She would be a perfect partner for a 2 bitch meme because of her hot princess looks. We can’t have her famous beauty on my princess power golden girl blog.

Princess Power Golden Girl Meme: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Keeping The Body Smooth And Well Groomed

Being smooth is for the rest of you. A smooth shaved cock are means you are a submissive male or sissy with subby savvy. The smooth landscape makes cum eating a cinch, that is if you are even allowed to cum. With the showing of this meme, missile dick owes me another. So there is your assignment boys. Get to work.

More Free Minutes Coming Up

We have the last round of free phone sex this coming Friday. I have been here for all of them making friends and dominating boys. Pleasing a power princess is not easy but many of you know how after calling me. First of a I am demanding because I deserve top rate attention and I do not suck cock, fake orgasms, and scream at the top of my lungs. These are the calls I do not do. I dominate, instigate, and humiliate because I am a bitch and proud of it. A wise woman once told me that a bitch gets it all.

Princess Power Golden Girl Meme: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

How To Please A Princess

Power princess golden girl will give you a short little dick tutorial on how to please such a bitch goddess diva. When I answer the phone address me as such: Hello Goddess, Princess, Mistress, etc. Do not say “Helluh”. Be articulate and intelligent because you called a superior woman. Always be submissive and willing to please my every whim. Visit my wish list frequently especially for birthday and holidays. Sissies always get more attention because they appreciate humiliation the most.

Small Cocks Always Welcome

If you have a small cock, you will get extra attention because more than likely you are a sissy. What do I mean about attention? You will have the ability to make me laugh really hard. My laughs are genuine and cathartic. let’s just say you are contributing to my health and cheerfulness. Pleasing your Mistress keeps things right. Friday is the last day to collect free minutes and I will be here for all of it!

Golden Princess Britany