What?? No pantyhose? There will be no whining about pantyhose pictures. Just for that, loser, you will have to wait for not keeping a promise to the bitch blogger. Now I’ll move on…

Panty freak jimmy boy called Princess Peyton and me yesterday for some Princess panty humiliation and tributing to cum. Peyton and I love to push the envelope, little mercenary bitches that we are. Panty freak jimmy’s budget must be in a snag this month from tribute upon tribute so he feigned the someone just came home spiel and left in a hurry!

I’m getting more requests for audio stuff. Since I’m in the mood to record lately, you can request a subject here or in email for up and coming. I will cover anything possible from limp dicked loser cuckolds to humiliated pathetic sissies. So, give me some awesom ideas and I will put them up boys and gurls!

I have not heard from pee wee faggy pants for awhile. If you remember pee wee is cuckolded by his wife who adores big black dicks. This loser blames me for his alcoholism! Can you believe that?? pee wee should take responsibility for his transgressions and leave the Princess to do what she does best…humiliating the small cocked sissy!

I’m back in school and working hard. If I don’t answer your instant message, just send me an email at While you wait for a response, tease and deny that cock for 20 edges as it may take that long!

Princess Britany