Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Stroke That Cock!

Well now…not much interest in my little view of a Femdom Princess society? I can understand why. Boys seem to be much more interested in penis pumping and perhaps a little coached cum eating. One thing I know for sure, boys simply love to stroke their cocks sometimes for hundreds of edges.

The Rules Of Proper Pumping

Let us then approach it with proper penis pumping protocol, and ways to address Princess while you are down on your knees groveling for more edges and more attention. Never under any circumstance address Mistress with “yeah”. It will always be polite and proper, just as I trained zane with “yes Ma’am, yes Princess, yes Goddess”, things like that. Under no circumstance start the call with “Hey Britany”. I’m not your girlfriend, I am your Mistress. Got it?

Be Specific

Now for the penis pumping. When I ask you what would you like to phone fantasy about, tell me. Do not say “I will do anything for you” because you won’t. Not everyone is a sissy, not everyone sucks cock, not every boy likes to be taken with a strap on. Still can’t say? Then here is where we do some guided masturbation. Since you are an anything boy, asking you if you want to cum or not would be futile, so since it is my decision, more than likely it will be a big fat NO. Them’s the rules boys!

Princess Britany