Micro Dick

Is it a wave? Is it a particle? It’s quantum dick! It’s both it’s both! What does Quantum Physics have to do with a dick? You guessed it…my fave subject: small penis humiliation! That’s what it is in a nut sac.


In the quantum world everything is so tiny it almost doesn’t exist, and so is your dick. It just is not there, at least not to a princess like me. It’s not easy playing tease and denial because a few little strokes brings you over the edge, and there you are. On the floor, on your knees, lapping up cum. Finding use for you as a cum eater panty boy. This is what and erotic phone sex Princess deals with every day, little dick after little dick, all lined up for humiliation. It’s just too much fun, and I mean it.

I, Masturbatrix

For the past couple of weeks I had a stellar stroke pet, brought to as many edges as possible for an hour then ordered to call back day after day for more tease and denial. Finally on Sunday which is my riding day, poof! Stroke pet couldn’t maintain anymore. Should this stroke pet call again, it’s chastity time, in and out of it for a few weeks. I was proud when he said I was very intelligent and very skilled . If worse comes to worse, I can always get a job as a skilled masturbatrix!


Princess Britany