Control That Cock!

Posting the least sexy picture of me today for the PE special boys who can’t hold their cum. I will try to make you see it my way to let you know you can change all that. Looking at me in my sexiest can’t help you right now. What you need is extreme cock control. Then , after some heavy boot camp, you will become an expert at orgasm denial, chastity success, and edging without cumming.

Call For A Session

Sound good? Let’s get started on some training. Reading this blog won’t do it. You have to call me for training sessions on cock control. It’s like having a yoga teacher train you by email. It doesn’t work, coaching works and various exercises that a Mistress coaches you in through her understanding of you, be it humiliation, assignments, or simple counseling.

Bye Bye PE

I’m really serious. Lately I have run into two to three minute sessions where a boy just cannot hold that cum. You cannot be an effective male with a woman this way, and you know it. So call me and ask me for PE training and I will help with the problem, and the problem is anxiety and the pressure to perform. Sometimes it works in the opposite where the cock stays as hard as a rock and cannot cum. I am more interested in the challenge of making the climax extended beyond PE .

I have a ton of news on sissy zane for next post…till then!


Princess Britany