The Rubber Dolly

Just when you think a kink has lost it’s novelty, it has disappeared except for in Germany, here she comes. the rubber doll sissy. She is entirely dressed in rubber, usually pink or blue, tits blown up way beyond belief, and wearing super tall Mary Janes. You can see the tube that keeps the breasts inflated ready for use as they deflate quite quickly.

Blue Rubber

I saw this dolly at a party I went to on Friday night with geek sissy CFNM zane. It was actually a treat as this sissy was oh so friendly and sweet, asking me about my shoes and complimenting me on my awesome hair. She complimented me on my taste in sissy slaves as zane was dressed enfemme in 50’s regalia. Before the Betty Page store closed down, she did stock up on her favorites such as poodle skirts and mohair sweaters, pink and gray.

Too Faggy…Sorry!

I did not loan out my boy because dolly was just too faggy. I prefer to see her bi-suck a somewhat manly fag. Zane and I are calling everyone one fag or another after we watched “We Are Legion” which we ROTFL at the antics of cyber geeks way back when until they became “morality fags”. Zane actually did a little volunteering for this group, but that’s all I’m gonna say about it upon his submissive request.

Dolly And Big Black Cock

Anyways back to dolly. Zane and I mostly schmoozed in the kitchen. Upon re-entering the living room, dolly was on her back with her rubber cat suit unzipped taking it from a hefty big black dick. We noticed her tits were mostly deflated. Zane sweetly went over to the amorous couple and began blowing up her tits again. How nice of him. This gave way to lots of photos, and where they went no one knows. So if you see a rubber dolly all in blue being plowed by a big black stud, you will know who it is, and I was there observing the debauchery!

Princess Britany