Princess Britany

Nine Ruined Orgasms This Week

Nearing the end of the week, I have ruined nine orgasms total for the whole week. Ruined orgasms came into their own a little after the cock control frenzy several years ago. What can we do now we asked to control more orgasms. Here it was. Ruining along with marathon orgasms, chastity training, and guided stroking with edging. Next came cum eating. What possibly could be next?

How To Ruin An Orgasm

Back to ruined orgasms with a twist as I like to call them. Twisting that cock all the way up to the top and back down again in a brisk fashion has brought many a boy over the top. Not with ruined orgasms because I like to have boys tie under the cap with a loose tie that tightens when the load comes rushing up the shaft. This works every time. Now on the phone is a different game. The boy must cooperate to make sure he controls with Mistress which means do not mute your phone. The breath is paid attention to very carefully. You must help. During the session, the more edges the better, the more frustrating the ruined.

What to do if you go over? You keep trying daily because it is a challenge. Your penance or in some cases, reward is eating that cum, always!

Princess Britany