Ruined Orgasms go with just about Everything

Ruined orgasms, we all agree, need perfect timing. I think ruined orgasms are the absolute best for controlling the cock, given as a punishment. So my favorite method is squeezing the head to the point of pain and misery with a big fat NO! Ruined orgasms go with, guess what? Chastity training, masturbation management, tease and denial, tease and please. Anything to do with stroker boy activity including cum eating and CBT. So look at the playing field there. Quite a lot!

Ruined Orgasms Successfully Administered: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Chastity Training and a Ruiner

The most fun of all ruined orgasms was the one I gave zane after eight months of total orgasm denial in chastity. I fooled him into thinking that if he finished the book he was writing in that amount of time he would get to cum. Just two days before, the book was finished. He proudly presented the manuscript for me to examine, and I did. In two days. I then announced that the ending needed a lot of work and he would have a chance after that.

Back to Square One

Poor sissy zane worked so hard to please me, and finally I agreed that the ending was perfect. The chastity cage was removed and I told him that since he was late (even though on time) with the book, he would need to do 12 edges for me until I considered and orgasm. Finally on the 12th edge, I grabbed his tiny, little cock and squeezed the head really hard ruining the orgasm with a huge laugh. He was then locked and still frustrated!