Introducing, Sexy Therapist Britany.

Today is the day you go to see your sexy therapist. Me being your therapist has given good rewards. You have gotten things off your chest. It’s mostly about your penchant for crossdressing and stroking your cock excessively to porn. We have worked out a great program for you. The problem is you keep staring at my feet during sessions. I managed to squeeze it out of you that you have a foot fetish. I then decide to tease you with them mercilessly because I am a sadistic little therapist. Poor you, but you love it, and I have you wrapped around my little finger!

Sexy Therapist Gives Good Advice: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Like my Pantyhose?

See the picture on the right? Often our sessions border on cock tease, and that’s my new outfit and shoes. I ask you if you like my pantyhose and if you have your own collection. Yes? Wear them next time I say. You ask what kind of therapist am I with a smile on your face. I say I am your sexy therapist that wants to bring you out of the closet dressing full force. I want you to worship my feet and show me what’s the problem if any.

I have the Cure.

Do you think you have a kinky problem? If you jerk off all the time to porn, I can put you in a chastity cage. Solved and cured. Do you crossdress and act like a sissy? Solved and cured. You are ordered to be enfemme and ordered to embrace your sissy femininity. Your foot worship obsession is cured by being on your knees and worshipping my feet durning the sessions. Solved!

A Cock Sucker, too?

Oh, dear! You are bi-sexual and suck cock at glory holes? No problem. As long as you eat the cum, you are a conservationist. Waste not want not! You are cured I say. Just do it and have fun!

Princess Britany