I was just telling the tease toy that I prefer manageable heels of 5 to 6″. Shoe fetish requires only top shelf, no made in China crap. I like Betsy Johnson but have no newer ones, and for all I know she may be having them made in China. For leisure at home wear, kitten heels reign unless I have a sissy to train and humiliate. In this case the tall six inchers work the best.

Shoe Fetish, Leg Fetish, Worship Princess! princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Top Shelf Fuck Me Pumps

Why does a pathetic little sissy deserve top shelf fuck me pumps? Because he bought them for me. Why else? I could put them in a showcase to make him drool but I think having him lick the heel and sole after a night of clubbing the night before. Now that is such a meany thing to do. For a sweet little reward for sissy service well done, he gets to massage my long legs and worship them. He, more than likely will be much shorter than me. That, is totally humiliating!

Shoe Fetish, Leg Fetish, Worship Princess! princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Your Little Dick Compared to my Bare Foot

Foot and shoe fetish go hand in hand, just like your tiny little dick in your laughable hand. The bare foot is pretty amazing for all it can do. It can grasp a dick no matter what size between both arches. The big toes can trap an orgasm by the tip of the toe and ruin the orgasm. The ball of the foot can dish out major CBT, trample sluts can enjoy a sweet and sassy ball busting fest!

Shoe Fetish Friday

Yes, it does happen to be foot fetish Friday today, after all. Delightfully serendipitous. So there you have it ptt, a foot and leg fetish post from your inspiration. I do love it when a stroker boy is obsessed with my legs and feet. Erm…adjust that erection, boy!

Princess Britany