A Loser Writes

So I have been getting emails from pathetic loser sissy dani. This is the most original one to date:

“Dear Princess Britany,

Please may I call you to be humiliated? You are far superior to me. I should not even be allowed to look at your pictures.

I am ashamed to say that I pay women to mail me me candy bars that they’ve stood on with a mean note telling me how pathetic they think I am and ordering me to eat the candy bar.

In the mail I have just received a pair of worn shoes with a candy bar still stuck to the bottom. Please can I call you and clean these shoes while you laugh at me? I can read the note too.

Once finished it would be up to you if I could have release. You could ignore me and humiliate me in other ways to your amusement.

Thank you for your consideration.”

Chicken Boi

So this loser chickened out. I was soooooooo looking forward to a massive humiliation call watching this sissy with the smallest penis ever eat a shoe stomped candy bar. At one time I did an ignore call with this loser while she stood in the corner on cam for the whole time while I called my girlfriend.

Not only did she stand in the corner facing it, I had her drop her panties to her knees and paddle her ass until it was red. then she was allowed to cum and eat it.

Princess Britany