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Shoe Licker Humiliation

A Loser Writes

So I have been getting emails from pathetic loser sissy dani. This is the most original one to date:

“Dear Princess Britany,

Please may I call you to be humiliated? You are far superior to me. I should not even be allowed to look at your pictures.

I am ashamed to say that I pay women to mail me me candy bars that they’ve stood on with a mean note telling me how pathetic they think I am and ordering me to eat the candy bar.

In the mail I have just received a pair of worn shoes with a candy bar still stuck to the bottom. Please can I call you and clean these shoes while you laugh at me? I can read the note too.

Once finished it would be up to you if I could have release. You could ignore me and humiliate me in other ways to your amusement.

Thank you for your consideration.”

Chicken Boi

So this loser chickened out. I was soooooooo looking forward to a massive humiliation call watching this sissy with the smallest penis ever eat a shoe stomped candy bar. At one time I did an ignore call with this loser while she stood in the corner on cam for the whole time while I called my girlfriend.

Not only did she stand in the corner facing it, I had her drop her panties to her knees and paddle her ass until it was red. then she was allowed to cum and eat it.

Princess Britany

15 comments to Shoe Licker Humiliation

  • OMG Princess Brittany, what a loser! He should have at least given you the pleasure of watching him eat that candy bar. It’s too bad some of these losers chicken out, it really sucks the fun out of it! He will have to do that AND something more humiliating to make up for it. Loser…

  • wow. Well, Ms. Britany, we have all kinds of pathetic losers who call, but this one is…special. hehe
    A very special loser, since he chickened out! I can only imagine how you would have handled this one.
    Hopefully he will somehow find the courage and get what he asked for…and deserves!
    Hope you have a Happy New Years! xxoo

  • WTF? Chicken boi had the audacity to litter your inbox with his pathetic stories, promise to call you and allow you to treat him as he deserves to be treated, and not follow through? I’d say he needs to roll that nasty candy bar in dirt and then eat it on the phone with you. It might be fun to hear the gritty little crunch!

  • Britany

    hes once twice three times a chicken…….

  • Britany

    too bad Ms Meredith, I would have had a ball!

  • Britany

    He will chime around again and do the same thing Ms Cecilia

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Smallest penis ever? How small was was it?

  • Britany

    one inch and not counting 🙂

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Wow. One inch is smaller than me now .I was at 3/4 inch when i was wearing pantys full time and taking herbal feminization products along with the breast growth herbals and bovine hormonnes From Transformation magazine

  • Britany

    you should try to get down to 1/4….heeheehee

  • Sissy April Nicole

    Thanks glad it makes you smile. I will start asap.

  • Sissy April Nicole

    I have tried to reduce my penis size no luck yet in fact i purged my sissy stuff in my phone and some clothing and i havent worn pantys in a while so i was at 1 3/4 when looking and reading a humiliation post but right now after working 10 hours i am 3 inches soft

  • Britany

    Maybe you should get some zit cream to remove it

  • Sissy April Nicole

    If it works i would try it . I know of some feminization herbals to get!

  • Britany


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