The Shrine of Princess Britany


markie boi still has a long way to go with my shrine, I mean, it needs a little pink don’t ya think? I do like the way he juxtaposed the pix. Does he get to cum finally? I don’t think so. It needs pink. Too bad you can’t see what he’s wearing behind the shrine. A red and white striped bra and panty to match, the little sissy panty boi.


Today I enjoyed a fab massage. My masseuse is a hottie who just told me about this dating site she joined for younger hotties and rich old guys who are willing to part with cash. So far he has paid her rent for the month, is taking her to Hawaii and paying her $500.00 a day. I told her to NOT give up sex. I told her to dangle the carrot and tease and deny him for as long as she can. Once she gives it up, there go the trips and tribs. I learned that long ago.


Did I mention shrimpy called me a few weeks back and gave me 500.00? I used this hapless dickless loser cuckold as an example to my friend. shrimpy just got a new credit card and I thought it wise that he break it in for good luck. Good luck for me that is, lol. As always shrimpy does what I tell him because he is a pussy whipped lil woozie. I bought a new purse and shoes to match in spring pink. Spring is around the corner so the sissies will be calling to hear all about these purse and shoes, I’m so totally sure.

Princess Britany