The Deal

Zane the brain got a little stiffie as I showed him my freshly manicured nails which happen to be 100% authentic. I asked him if he imagined my thumb and index finger stroking his little cock while I cruelly humiliate him. He enthusiastically grabbed at the offer. I told him under one condition. That he commits to getting silk wraps at the salon himself, polished in a bright sissy pink. I could tell he hated the idea because it would take weeks for them to wear off. They are not the usual press on nail, after all. I gave him a choice.

A Hard Bargain

He has to get regular press on nails but needs to make a rectangular banner out of art board and creatively writing “I AM A SISSY FOR A WILLFUL PRINCESS” holding it up at the mall entrance displaying his raging pink press on nails, humiliating him publicly. In any case, he is ordered to get one or the other.

Your Guess

What did he choose? Suddenly the little sissy was called out of town for work. He was so relieved, but he has to come back after all, and that will be next week. Now…..what do you think he chose or shall I leave it as a surprise for next week. You can guess, and would love to hear.

Princess Britany