Tie Your Bonnet, Sissy!

Sissy Choices

Recently I had a plea of help from a sissy slut who wanted to be a good gurl dressed in bows or ribbons instead of the whorish clothes she was collecting. In other words she needed a change. A good way to promote change is to see different sissy outfits on hangers on a clothing rack. The shoes on the rack below, hats on top. What gets a sissy excited is to take the hanger and hold it up to her body.

The Swimsuit Good Gurl

One of the outfits is a pink polka dot bikini with high pink mules, always best held up with sissy facing the pool.This is what I call the sink or swim outfit because sissy will have to become a swim star, swimming in a most seductive and slutty manner as Princess streams it on the internet. Unfortunately the girlie boi will be solo, so she will resort to sex toys to demonstrate.

Once A Sissy Slut, Always…

This is about as good girl as a sissy can get because the back of the bikini was just that, a bikini cut. Something that would hide her butt plug. Her big challenge is to suck the dildo as she would a cock, and to keep swimming seductively as she does so without sinking. One big reason is to not spoil sissy’s makeup. This would cause extreme humiliation on the camera, which she would undoubtedly love anyways.


The big humiliation factor is when the camera catches the outline of her buttplug as she swims by with dildo in mouth struggling to stay afloat. “Imagine you are the one armed sissy…just do it for Princess! Oh you ruined your makeup, dumb sissy”!


Princess Britany