Sissy Poetry

Sissies who want to be girls, but first: my last post on sissy cheer was so much fun. Cocksucker Johnny added her own little poem:

I love cock!
Yes it’s true
I love cock!
And pantyhose too!

Sissies Who Want to be Girls

She says I have talked to her in the past, so when she calls again it will be a great and fun reunion. Today I want to talk about sissies who want to be girls. This is no means a new and novel subject as you know. This type of sissy will be well studied in fashion, makeup, hair, and Cosmopolitan sex articles. She will study voice techniques, the art of seduction, and watch blow job videos. She may even get a job at a strip club. Most will dress 24/7, at least wearing panties daily.

Sissies Who Want To Be Girls: Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975

Mistress Advice

Sissies who want to be girls love to call phone sex and discuss what she is wearing. She asks Mistress for advice on everything especially about sissy slut wear. I often describe my club wear which is very fancy and revealing. Eventually she comes out of the closet and home decor is more feminine with flowers and pastel decor.

Mall Humiliation

Later on comes assignments, she looks forward to mall humiliation the most. There she can shop for her assigned goods such a Victoria’s Secret lingerie, outing herself to the staff. Eventually she becomes known. Just that is a sissy humiliation to become known this way, not a man but a sissy, a girlie boi with a little dick. Mistress may emasculate him even further by ordering him to suck cock and eat cum.

Fucking Sucking Time

Finally she finds dominant men on forums who are usually married but want to fuck a sissy because she is an anomaly. Because Mistress says and orders it. She becomes a sissy maid and a CFNM slut at Mistresses parties. All it takes is a spark and the rest follows.


Princess Britany