Help Me get Dressed, Sissy

Help Me get Dressed, Sissy

Live Barbie Dolls

Why would I help a sissy get dressed? Easy answer. Girls like me have fond memories of our variety of dressup dolls starting with our collection of Barbie dolls. I had Barbies of all hair colors and even created a goth punk Barbie. Those fond memories led me to sissies and other live Barbie dolls.

Girlie Essentials

When I find a girlie boi, I give them a list of things to buy and bring. Usually there is a large collection of makeup , essential lingerie, one pair of thigh highs, a pair of Mary Janes, a wig, and of course a little dress. From there, more things are added to the collection. Since I dont allow sissies to purge, they are ordered to acquire a storage facility and give me the keys.

Coming Out Day

The first day, is orientation day and all things are sorted out and chosen. Pink reigns, and the outfit of choice would be for example: little pink floral summer dress, white fishnets, bubble gum pink mary janes, lacy bra and panty set (high cut bikini panties with bra to match), girlie makeup (pink lip gloss, black eyeliner, blush, mascara, and some floral perfume), french manicure press ons, and last but never least a blond wig.

And What Kind Of Sissy Are You

Collections vary of course. let’s say the sissy is a sissy maid, a sissy slut, a cheerleader, a ballerina, a public humiliation gurl, and and all, then I imagine her storage facility quite full. Ready for a little dress up?


Princess Britany