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The Medical Fetish

It’s been so long since I have written or had a phone fantasy call on medical fetish. The other day I did have a conversation about a sissy waking up to a whole new face…body as well. This time I want to be the doctor, and not the surprised girlfriend, so here goes…..

A Girly Nose

Sissy walks into Britany M.Ds  office inquiring on a nose job. Sissy is not happy with his present nose and wants it more feminized. Dr. Britany assures sissy that it will definitely be feminine. As sissy is going under, he hears Dr. Britany say, when you wake up, you will be totally transformed.


Hours later sissy wakes up and sees her transformation, a tiny little nose, a brow lift, lips injected, jawline shaved, and cheekbones enhanced. Permanent makeup was applied and the brows were lasered, never to grow back to the masculine brows she once had.

Sissy Must Work It Off

Sissy is delighted as well as frightened. Dr. Britany announces that sissy is going to go through many transformations because the surgery was so expensive so sissy will have to “work” it off. Dr. Britany needs to be amused so sissy will be the blow job queen at Dr. Britany’s other business; a brothel for sissies who cannot afford their expensive surgeries. Everyone likes the new “girl” after all! She will be very busy learning her new craft. Sissy fag cum drinker and blow job queen. Dr. Britany promises more feminizing surgeries down the road if you can imagine…..


Princess Britany