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Sissy Humiliation Boy Emasculation

Sissy Humiliation Fun

Sissy humiliation is no new subject for me, it just grows and grows to more dimensions. Today I want to talk about a really fun Skype call with a boy in a chastity cage with panties laid out on the bed and Cabana emma who before Cabanaism, was out of the closet and into the cloak room.Sissy Humiliation Boy Emasculation: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cloak Room Sissy Fag

During winter, one of emma’s duties at work is making the rounds to the cloak rooms. She is a gopher and sissy fag. You will see her under desks relieving stress of her fellow workers by doing what she does best: sucking cock and eating cum. Once a year she gets a bukkake present from the staff. She makes the rounds, cloak room to cloak room spreading warm cheer on the cold days. On her birthdays she gets a spanking while on her knees under her big dicked employer’s desk.

Summertime and the Sissies are Easy

This summer it is Brazil where sissy fags are always welcome. It’s a vacation for the whole company for having a great year. A private jet heads to Brazil and as always, sissy on her knees is doing her job. Emma loves the pool because of the hot and hung Brazilian cabana boys. She no longer has to wait for a bukkake treat. She has plenty of time now for her duties to her boss, and the cabana boys. If you imagine sissy pool scenes, then blow up your raft, put the cabana boy on it and get to work.

Nine Panties and a Cock Cage

Today I had a real treat. Nine panties in a row needed to be modeled for me after a boy took his cock out of chastity and began his tease and denial session. Beg beg beg for an orgasm he did, but when a boy presents himself on cam with a cock cage, he is NOT cumming. Now for the humiliation parade. Panties and thongs of all colors modeled one after the other on a 45 min call. The last one modeled  is put on his head, and so on and so on until all panties are used and one is left on while he is ordered back into chastity. Yes….nice hat!


Princess Britany

12 comments to Sissy Humiliation Boy Emasculation

  • Chastity love

    It was truly a lesson in submission and humiliation. I was left throbbing in my cage which is pleasantly torturous. Thank you for the schooling.. the cbt 1 on tumblr

  • Petey cream puff

    Now that I’m a cream puff girl forever this is something I need to do!!! I’d love to have you do this to me. Take me shopping with you then having you show me off to all the ladies at Victoria’s Secret/makeup counter/Macy’s with me being guy that you dressed up as your cream puff girl.

  • Britany

    My pleasure, always 🙂

  • Britany

    Oh yes let’s take you out one day! Being on the phone and listening to you and some sales girls!

  • I’m wondering if I have ever had the pleasure of humiliating sissy emma. there have been several cloak room sluts that I have played with on the phone. Ah yes the cabana boys. Now I imagine emma gathering them all up for me. Emma would be in charge of cock check, picking the biggest one for me!

  • Petey cream puff

    Would you talk with salesgirls as my girlfriend or mistress? That would be really exciting to be at yours and hers mercy!!! I’ve yet to try on dresses in person as that would be thrill and rush!!!

  • Britany

    yes I have done that before!

  • Britany

    She definitely is a blast!

  • Britany

    she is so much fun to talk to, every call is a blog post!

  • Britany

    I need to go and have fun on Tumblr chastity love….

  • Chastity love

    Good morning Misttess😅 i would love to do another call with you sometime soon. I would like to bring some needles into the game if you would be interested in that?

  • Britany

    Needle play is not approved in this company. It will have to be without!

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