Sissy Jailbird Is A Roleplay A Humiliated Sissy Should Try

Oh I had such a good phone sex call this morning with a new boy who was quite versatile. All over the place is a great way of putting it because he went from cuckolding to a jailhouse bitch. You guessed it, certainly a big black man in an orange jumpsuit! I can see why the jumpsuits are orange. To catch those criminals on the run. In contrast, I happen to prefer the black and white stripes. So much more tasteful. Being a sissy jailbird, you know he would be passed around.

Sissy Jailbird All In Pink: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sissy In Jail For Stealing Panties, Corsets, And Breast Forms

Passed around and the subject of bukkake every now and then, but mostly the bitch of a big black alpha male. Imagine being a cute sissy in jail on maybe stealing high end corsets with triple D breast forms. Stuffing panties in a bag with garter belts and stockings. Now this boy sounded so masculine in the beginning that I was surprised when the cat came out of the bag! I am also a sissy he said, not only a cocksucker.

Do You Imagine Being Spit Roasted And Made Into A Black Man’s Bride. A Muscled Man With A Big Black Cock To Call Your Own?

The cock stroking conversation continued into how the alpha bull was very generous with his sissy slut slave. How big black liked watching his slut perform on other black men in the jail. This way big black could collect money and cigarettes for the exchange. Imagine being slutted out for a pack of cigarettes. Good for the self esteem I imagine. Very good for being a humiliated sissy in the pink panties that he wears on demand even more! The sissy is also demanded to give kickbacks to the guards to let the faggotry to continue. All in a good day’s work they declare.

Sissy Jailbird All In Pink: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Gets No Breaks. She Should Be Excited That She Is The Slut Of All The Inmates!

Out in the yard, sissy had her jumpsuit on but underneath the pink prevailed. All in a good day’s work until the cot squeaked loudly through the halls in the evening. A jailhouse bitch is a good fantasy if you are a humiliated sissy in need of a good call. Try it. It’s my new favorite phone fantasy and you get to suck lots of dick.

Unusual And Incredible Fantasies Wanted!

Do you have an unusual and incredible fantasy you would like to play out? Odd ball fantasies excite me. i thrive on the weird and wonderful. I find captivity training very intriguing. The sissy jailbird fantasy was an important one in the hall of phone sex records. I have been noticing that sissies are stepping out into more adventurous terrain. Keep it up gurls and get ready for the sissy school sweet sixteen party. See you there! XOX Princess Britany

Sissy Jailbird All In Pink: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975