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Sissy Masturbation Essential Tools

Soon Sissyville will post an essay I wrote on sissy masturbation tools. Know what that is? It’s about how to masturbate like a girl, not some guy wanking his dick to a frenzy. Get civilized! Ok relax. Some guys stroke their cocks with great subtlety and finesse. This is almost the place where I want you to be. We have to discuss tools almost like my post on Sissyville, but here we address things beyond panties. We get to butt pluggery and stuff under your panties that remain unseen. We get to pretty pink cages and little cocks free of restraints.

Sissy Masturbation Essential Tools: Princess Britany 800-601-6975

I like a sissy getting slutty with sissy slut mentality working her girlie ass in an exaggerated manner as she walks “the runway”. A short little pink skirt that she raises with the breeze to show her tranny ass plugged up in pink. In the front if one should see is a cute pink little chastity device in silicon displaying her sissy helplessness. Oh gurl…you need to get a big black dick to put you in place. Let’s start. Sissy masturbation always follows the walk.

Sissy Masturbation Essential Tools: Princess Britany 800-601-6975

Let’s go with the chastity device because whomever you run into will question it and probably humiliate you. In your little play bag resides a big black dildo to practice cocksucking . You got this. You are out on the dick hunt and the tools you wear will be the tools that define how you see yourself.

To sum up, what am I getting at? Your toys in your bag will give a certain someone information of who and where you are. Dildo: you suck cock and take it in the pussy. Chastity cage: you are submissive and need cock control. Panties: duh. Butt plugs…duh duh duh. Keep your toy kit filled to the brim with kink toys you love, from pantyhose to cock cages. Your new partner will get it!



Princess Britany

6 comments to Sissy Masturbation Essential Tools

  • Tom

    How many inches long and how thick u want the didlo be to suck and take up my pussy and fuck my pussy?

  • Tom

    Does a sissy or bitch have to have 8 or 9 inch high heels in bag to put on and wear ?

  • violet

    Wow sounds like the perfect tool bag to me, I have had most the tools You described many times before with the exception of the chastity cage, Im usually a single player, so no experience there yet ,but i must confess i always toss them out im afraid ill get exposed for what I am, I guess I gotta get over it huh !! thanks for the post as always, your pics r so sexy Ms Britany !!

  • Ecock

    Love what you wrote here.

  • Britany

    Thank you!

  • Britany

    You are not alone in the tossing out thing!

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