Princess Britany

Your Sissy Name Is……?

Princess Britany here with the “sissy names report”. I would looooooooooove to have many comments from sissies with their names, sissies who are thick skinned and won’t mind being humiliated and laughed at. I’m very sure there are plenty!

The Frilly Type Of Sissy

So what prompted me to write this is sissy chrissy, an all too common name among panty waists. Through the fantasy of being taken and transformed, the name too must be transformed. Chrissy was made to wear frilly petticoats, a pink lacy and chiffony girlie dress (one that you see dolls in), rhumba panty lacy panties in pink, cute little lacy white anklets, white and pink flat Mary Janes with hearts on the side, a blonde Shirley Temple wig with ribbons and bows, and…………M’s J cup bra stuffed with J cup custom made breast forms. Imagine that sight as chrissie gets tied up in tight bondage by two very strong she males.

The Little Curly Wig

Chrissy was christened “shirlee temple sissy locks” in celebration of her wig, and was ordered to do plenty of twirls and a high falsetto voice. Clear sparkly lip gloss was applied so she could suck M’s big strap on, and also the she male cocks. She would learn how to eat cum. If she passed the test, M would tie her hands behind her back and fuck her big J cup falsies with her strap on. How does “shirlee” get to cum? By being on her knees of course taking M’s big strap on, and eating cum from the she male providers.

Princess Britany