Sissy Nerd Spotting

Sissy nerds are easy to spot, and once they are spotted and caught, they do best fixing your computer, doing research, and groveling at Princess feet. I have not blogged about zane the brain lately. When he is around, technical things get done, as well as kitchen duty, because he is a great cook and the best sissy maid imaginable. Always up for a little mischief, CFNM parties for my girlfriends are a monthly event. He does leave town a lot, but in a few months he will be working for another company and not traveling any more. This means I have him as a full time submissive sissy, but not boyfriend because his dick is too small. That will not do!

Sissy Nerds, Fun And Useful : Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Sissy Nerds Need Lessons

Now the challenging part is to erase the nerd look for a more girlie look. Sissy nerds tend to botch things up, so need help in feminization. If they showed interest before the transformation you can bet they will get a stiffie regardless of cock size. Many a nerd is well-endowed. Hopefully your sissy nerd will have a tiny little penis for small penis humiliation. Heaven knows you don’t want a sissy for a boyfriend sex partner because they are not real men. Once you give them lessons in feminization, they are smart enough to get it right.

Being a Snoopy Princess

So, how does a Princess spot a sissy nerd? Easy. They have bigger than average brains and smaller than average cocks. They respectfully treat you as their superior, their faces have a feminine look, they check women’s fashion styles, and they become very nervous around you. The best way to know is snoop around their house to find femme clothing, makeup, and fashion magazines. Then of course, check their computers for sissy porn. That may be futile because he may have cleared her history. Smart little sissy nerds are hard to catch in that area.


Princess Britany