You're ssssssso papapathetic....

You’re ssssssso papapathetic….

Britany The Instigator

Call me an instigator. My mom called me that from a very young age. So…..I showed Zane my last post and his little sissy face turned bright red with envy. He is so jealous of sissy peggy that she went out and bought cat eye glasses and a 50’s secretary dress from a Bettie Page store. I told the pathetic little nerd that it’s not like sissy peggy is coming over for a training session, she is a phone sex slut! Super dick Jason found the whole scenario very amusing. He is getting used to to constant entertainment around here.

Poor Sissy Nerd Zane

As you know by now,  sissy nerd zane is my amusement toy for CFNM parties, domestic duties, and technical problems. He also mucks the whole stable of 12 horses at my condo in Glendale. He takes my mare Lilly out for rides when I am busy, brushes her, and makes homemade treats for her. To do that, he must dress in sissy maid wear. Last week I had him make treats for all 12 horses, each horse getting 6 treats all giftwrapped.

Back In Chastity

Just because of the hissy fit, sissy zane is in chastity training for 3 months. I had him out of chastity for awhile now, just waiting for an excuse to put him back in. Here it is, and I know deep down inside, he is very happy now.


Princess Britany