Princess Britany

Thanking You All

First I want to thank my boys for the housewarming gifts and tributes I received when I moved a week ago. The All Clad cookware was a huge surprise from slut boi stewart whom I don’t believe I ever mentioned. He claims to be a “kept” sissy by a rich wife but I don’t believe him…lol. Now if someone can buy me my horse…..

Thursday Foot Action

Things are pretty much unpacked and right now, and as I write this post on my laptop, Zane is giving me a foot massage. Thumbs are being pressed into the middle of my foot and it feels so good. It’s a perfect day for foot fetish fun. He just completed washing out all of my stockings and they are hanging from the shower bar. There is the pool in view and I’m spotting two tanned and toned guys with nice handfuls in those swim trunks. Zane looks jealous and humiliated because of his tiny little penis which will never measure up. I suppose a little later on I will head down there and intro myself. You know, get to know the neighbors?

A Sissy Outing On Saturday

I am on this weekend to relieve the cost of moving. I mentioned before I don’t pilfer off of my parents even though they would be happy to give me money. My independence is really important to me. For starters, I have a whole list of regular assignment sissies calling for attention in a few days. One in particular is a huge challenge. So far she has wimped out on finally doing that outing to Victoria’s Secret. This weekend is it! She is thoroughly challenged and she will follow through on their bussiest shopping day of the week!

Princess Britany