Sissy Shopping Humiliation

I’m doing a post on sissy shopping humiliation because every time I write one I end up rolling on the floor laughing. I have zane in back of me half the time interjecting and coaching in a very lively way. I just wrote one for humiliationbootcamp and will post soon. In this particular story I get sissy all ready for shopping on a Saturday afternoon. We meet up with two of my meanie friends. After all, the Princess crew needs a few sissies around for comic relief. Normally we Princesses do our lingerie shopping at upscale stores and leave Victorias Secret to the sissies. Sissies wear their panties out quickly because sometimes the cum stains are left till later. I always scold and tell them to wash the cheap panty after you have devoured the cum. Devouring cum is demanded because it is humiliating.

Sissy Shopping Humiliation: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Don’t Be Scared, Sissy

Sissy shopping humiliation brings out the best in girlie bois. They have the deer in the headlight look just about every time. Look at the good side I say, just maybe you will get to cum today and we can toss the cock cage in the corner. On top of that, getting new girlie things is always a plus. Especially when you parade into the dressing room in front of all of those sneering girls. There is sheer delight carrying Princess packages like a pack mule because you feel useful . Not just a jack off CFNM party boi used for the entertainment of Princesses.

A Job Well Done

At the end of your shopping adventure, you get to put on a fashion show for the Princesses. We always add CFNM of course because it makes things more humiliating this way. The longer you dance, he hardier we laugh. We know your feet hurt from walking the mall hall in those kitten heels.


Princess Britany