More on the Sissy Salon Post

Sissy in six inch heels brings to mind many fantasies. As I’m sure you remember, the sissy salon post , one sissy bitch caller last night wanted me to re-name “The Pink Room” to “The Gurl College,” because all the lessons that the Mistresses would teach would be to serve them. But, of course, it would be anyways, silly sissy. The Pink Room is only a name to lure them in. They would maybe not respond to “college” due to the ditz factor.

Sissy In Six Inch Heels Race To The Finish: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Can You Run in Those Heels Sissy

Next question was “This sounds like a hard session. How would You pick students?” Would they have to wear the school uniform? Then I thought of how to pick students: the students would have a rigorous test of a race all dressed in frills, they would require 6 inch pink stilettos which will be hard to run in. Out of a dozen or more just 3 finalists will be selected.

The Smallest Cock Wins

So I want you to imagine trying to be a finalist in this race running in these 6″ heels. I want you to imagine what it would look like and the sissy frills. three finalists are chosen and what is the final decision. You guessed it. The smallest penis wins the esteemed position of number one!

More on the Pink Room Next Post

You can surely imagine all of the fun the Pink Room has to hold! In the phone fantasy, you of course will practice being a first class runner in the selected sissy clothes and heels!

Princess Britany