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Slow Stroking for Hours and Days

Slow Stroking Phone Sex

I have never had a slow stroking phone sex call for days, but hours, yes! Some guys detest slow stroking. Why? I have no idea because I don’t have a dick. The ones that do love it,  do about three hours or more, and I don’t find it boring at all because I can infuse really hot phone sex fantasies in the call. The day part is all about a guy who wants to arrange one for a weekend. Essentially, he rents me out for two days. I say yes let’s do it! I have no other boy but him for two days!

Slow Stroking For Hours And Days: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

The Mechanics

How does it work! Easy. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner are planned out ahead of time. My sleep schedule is planned out. So much easier if he is in California, but it’s all worked out if he is not. I demand pictures, and if I can get him on a web cam so I can view him when I want, all the better. I will have him on Skype part of the time to break up monotony. If he is a sissy, I can see him put on a fashion show. It’s totally like we are spending the weekend together.

Slow Stroking For Hours And Days :Britany 1-800-601-6975

Weekend Date for Your Fetish Needs

Set it up after we have made the agreements. It can be any kind of fetish you have. Are you a sissy? Do you want to finally try chastity in a cage for the weekend? Tease and denial, happy ending maybe? You will need to pay in advance, and for 48 hours. You will arrange it with dispatch, then we are on our way. A discount may be applied for our sleeping time but I believe it will be a flat rate. The Princess is worth every penny. Let’s talk about it! I may even take you on a trail ride while I’m bareback on my mare Lily….lol


Princess Britany


2 comments to Slow Stroking for Hours and Days

  • Any little bitch would be lucky to spend 48 hours with a wicked domme like you, Ms. Britany. I can only imagine what your little slave would be thinking, knowing you’re watching him on cam and assessing his every move–just hoping to be a good enough boy to go on a ride with you and Lily. 😉

  • Britany

    To get them to appreciate later is another story right Ms Piper 🙂

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