The Slower The Better

Life is grand when a sissy is owned by a Princess who is ordered to control himself and stroke very slow. No big deal you say unless you have been in nine months of orgasm denial, locked in a chastity cage, finally let out, only to tease and stroke that cock at a snail’s pace. What happens after that is you become the little sissy prisoner, back in the cage again with no orgasm, not even a ruined orgasm.

Chaste But Out Of Luck

So was the fateful night zane was cage free expecting to cum. Nope. Three hours of slow torturous stroking at my feet, but the perk being, zane does have a major foot fetish to add to the enjoyment of course.

The More Strokes The Better

Watching his face distort in painful desire, knowing he cannot cum unless princess allows and directs. Edges achieved and the counts pass by until I reach a hundred, sometimes losing a beat, sometimes adding a stroke. it all adds up to uncompromising flat out orgasm denial.

Denied Again

So as the night moves on, poor poor zane ends up in the cage again for another 10 months this time, maybe even longer, or maybe out early for good behavior. Princess has learned from the best cock control Mistresses after all. The future is yet to unfold.


Princess Britany