Princess Britany

Short Of A Dollar

So I had a Skype call from a dickless wonder called “short of a dollar”, 2 inches hard, one and a half inches soft, three fingers tall, and two and a quarter inches MAX!!!! I also have proof, pictures of the worthless cock, measured up against a dollar, and it’s true, the smallest dick so far. This sph loser put on a great show of pushing the little dick way way down into the base to make it into this tiny little clit. I received pictures yesterday of this little teenie cock. This boy knows that I have had several encounters with a boy that showed potential, only to be disappointed  with the size of the cock compared to the shoe size. Princess holds little dicks in contempt. Beware, if you have a small cock and call for small penis humiliation, you will get it!!

Big Dicks Only!

So during this call, I was telling this boy about my new boyfriend with the 10 inch dick and how he would be subservient to it upon my demand, making him into the cuckold  that his destiny describes. Yes of course he does it as he will do anything for princess since she has kept him in chastity and denied orgasm for so long. A boy like this has absolutely no choice after all. A small cock has one destiny. Prepare to make a lot of money to support a beautiful princess. Prepare to be a cuckold, prepare to suck cock and eat cum, and prepare to be humiliated. Very humiliated.


Princess Britany