Boasting of Spit Roasting

A seasoned sissy is not a seasoned sissy until spit roasting comes into play. I’m talking about a faggy pants sissy who sucks cock turning every corner. OK there is a whole gratitude thing going on now, so all I have to say about it is be grateful you can even get a cock to suck. True sissy gratitude is a nice spit roast session with two big fat cocks, your color of choice. You can say you have done this and that but the grand finale is the spit roast session because this hallmarks the experienced sissy slut.

Spit Roasting: The Final Frontier Princess Britany : 1-800-601-6975

The Rhythm of the Spit Roast

You have to do both ends equally as good. For cock sucking, you MUST know how to deep throat a big cock of any size. Licking and sucking techniques must be studied and practiced diligently. A favorite dildo especially for tutorial is essential. When you use a mirror to check your style, be as seductive with the look of gratitude…remember? Lipstick, licking lips, grandiose strokes and gestures count because you are the spit roasting Diva. Oh sure you say who needs a cock sucking tutorial? You do, to be the best at what you do with those cherry red lips accompanied by the lotioned hand.

Anal Perfection

Have you trained with the graduating butt plugs to accommodate the biggest and the baddest penis flesh? You had better because the discomfort could be overwhelming. I suggest after the initial graduated set to get an inflatable butt plug and practice every day until maximum inflation. The sissy slut will then be ready to present herself as the spit roasted sissy delight. For the occasion, you celebrate with two of the hottest men wearing your sexy best. Have someone video the whole session from back to front, top to bottom. Perfect now, prepare for your coming out spit roasting queen ultimate role in sissy experience.


Princess Britany