The Spoiled Brat Fetish

I’m very sure that you know what a spoiled brat fetish is. You love a young girl like me being a bitch and complicating your life. I have been used to getting what I want for a very long time. I am a spoiled brat and you have a spoiled brat fetish. You are no doubt older with lots of money. My long legs entice you. I am 5’11’ and you are no doubt so much shorter than me. You look up into my cold blue eyes and could just about scream.

Spoiled Brat Fetish:Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Give Me What I Want, Loser

Hello little man I say. Guess what? You are an old man and I am a Princess. You have a spoiled brat fetish and you will spoil me and give me what I want. I want new shoes, a new wardrobe, and lots of money. I like expensive jewelry, gold silver, platinum, and gemstones. I want you to entertain me by being a sissy who performs CFNM parties at my demand. I want you to suck cock and eat cum. I want you to be a sissy slut. I demand it in fact.

Dick licker, cock sucker, you do it because I say so. I am your Goddess and Mistress, and You are a submissive who does what I demand including going to glory holes.

The Mechanics

Spoiled brat fetish is you walk behind me at least a foot with your head down at a shopping mall. I never look at you, I never talk to you, and I snap my finger when the sales person rings up the purchase. She smirks knowing what you are. An old man being a loser for a Princess. Oh, I know it’s harsh, but understand you fulfill the spoiled brat fetish this way, and that’s what you have. Now on your knees to kiss the shoes you just bought me, loser. It’s your job.


Princess Britany