Fetishes for a Spoiled Brat

A spoiled brat who has kink will always have a fetish up her sleeve. In this case, foot and shoe fetish beats hand in glove (unless that’s a black leather opera length glove made for spanking and jerking off your dick). Back to the subject of this story line. It’s about a macho male who becomes captive to an irresistible and very smart Femdom Princess. She dangles the carrot and analyzes every move to see if he eventually deserves the privilege to have hot sex with her. You know the answer of course.

Spoiled Brat Foot Worship :Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Cock Tease Princess

Britany has always been the fantasy girl of every male in her high school. She knows how to cock tease with her sexy body and provocative clothing, then and now. One particular boy with a corvette caught her eye and she teased him until he went home jerking his cock every single day. Her shoes drove him crazy, and she devised a plan and a test to see if he was worthy.

Spoiled Brat Foot Worship :Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Blue Balls Hell

Eventually, this boy had enough of jerking off and decided to pursue her with his good looks and jock sexiness. He scored with dating but not fucking. Not even a hand job. She had a massive wardrobe of shoes and each pair got his dick hard, and she noticed. It’s time to take me shoe shopping, it’s time to really test you. The spoiled brat will dangle that carrot big time today.

Shoe Slave

They went to a very expensive shoe store and she ordered him to carry all of her selections to the big dressing room where she tried on different styles and brands. He was not allowed off of his knees. He was eye level to her feet like a little pet and had to fetch each pair with his teeth and bring them to Princess for his “reward”.

Strap Ons and Cum Eating

Dispensing with all of the details of the exclusive shoes, he was about to receive his rewards. He was made to open her play bag for the strap on dildo and harness. “For your efforts and all of the shoes you bought me today, you finally receive hot sex with me. Now bend over and take this strap on in your ass. Your ultimate gift is to enjoy the fucking, cum on the floor and eat it, just for me”.

Princess Britany