Leather Is Out, Pleather Is In

Pleather, not leather makes for the stinkiest foot of all. Stinky pleather boots for the foot boy render him helpless and docile. He begins to swoon and groan like its catnip, then comes the expected drooling mouth. With foot fetish, there is always something to say because it’s all about being on the bottom. Pleather is eco-friendly but pervertable. It holds the nastiest odors for the ultimate foot worship experience.

Stinky Pleather Boots For The Foot Boy: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

The Golden Princess And Her Obsessive Foot Fetish

You are probably saying, Britany is always going on about stinky foot fetish. well yeah! I love to blog about it because of all of the attention and requests to blog more on it. That’s one of the reasons. Other reasons about how I enjoy the challenge of getting these feet even stinkier. I like the rubber flip flops in summer for a sweaty good time too. It just depends on the season.

Stinky Pleather Boots For The Foot Boy: Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

She Has So Much More To Offer In Dominance

There is more to The Golden Princess than her feet. Say for instance the sweet fragrant white panties that everyone wants to sniff. The long silky natural blonde hair. The promise of face sitting and foot trampling. There I go again: feet. I’m obsessed I admit, but sitting on your face with a little ball busting action never hurt a session.

Walking Barefoot On The Dirty Sidewalk

Back to the size eight and a half feet you love. I would like to walk barefoot on a hot steaming sidewalk in Los Angeles, making my way home to press these feet in your face. You patiently wait on you knees bound with roped wrists tied to the back. Finally I am home, and as I enter the threshold, I skillfully bitch slap your face with my right sole. I tell you to prepare for a sweet little foot session before I take that bubble bath.

The Golden Princess Britany XoX