A Stroker Boy Always has His Limits

Stroker boy missile dick has to ask Ms. Hunter about sending pictures to me and several other Goddesses, because he tends to gets carried away. He will send at least eight different ones with his collection of g-strings which I think are good picks, especially with his tan lines. Ms. Hunter is only allowing him four at the most. This keeps him under control. One must keep a cock controlled boy under control, of course. They are known to get carried downstream with their fetishing. It’s like training a wild horse. Once “broken,” (I do not like this term for horses, but for stroker boys, I absolutely do) they become trained to obey. So, I have received a few so far and look forward to his new pictures with his missile dick standing up full mast!

Stroker Boy Missile Dick: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Mistress Demands and He Delivers

I like the way Ms. Hunter teases missile dick with her demands and comments. He listens like a good stroke slave under strict masturbation management. He only gets to cum when he reaches one of Ms. Hunter’s quotas or assignments. He can post in comments some of the things she has made him do in the past, and a list would be perfect. When I am on the call with them, I am delighted to hear how she gets under his skin with approval and disapproval. Of course, he does everything she demands. Good orgasm denied boy, good until you finally get to cum!

Two Mistress Calls

Two Mistress phone sex calls always make me happy, because I am sharing in the humiliation, the tease and denial, the tease and please and, of course,  sissy training. I am so looking forward to the next phone fantasy call with Ms. Hunter and stroker boy missile dick!


Princess Britany