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Stroker Boy Missile Dick

A Stroker Boy Always has His Limits

Stroker boy missile dick has to ask Ms. Hunter about sending pictures to me and several other Goddesses, because he tends to gets carried away. He will send at least eight different ones with his collection of g-strings which I think are good picks, especially with his tan lines. Ms. Hunter is only allowing him four at the most. This keeps him under control. One must keep a cock controlled boy under control, of course. They are known to get carried downstream with their fetishing. It’s like training a wild horse. Once “broken,” (I do not like this term for horses, but for stroker boys, I absolutely do) they become trained to obey. So, I have received a few so far and look forward to his new pictures with his missile dick standing up full mast!

Stroker Boy Missile Dick: Princess Britany 1-800-601-6975

Mistress Demands and He Delivers

I like the way Ms. Hunter teases missile dick with her demands and comments. He listens like a good stroke slave under strict masturbation management. He only gets to cum when he reaches one of Ms. Hunter’s quotas or assignments. He can post in comments some of the things she has made him do in the past, and a list would be perfect. When I am on the call with them, I am delighted to hear how she gets under his skin with approval and disapproval. Of course, he does everything she demands. Good orgasm denied boy, good until you finally get to cum!

Two Mistress Calls

Two Mistress phone sex calls always make me happy, because I am sharing in the humiliation, the tease and denial, the tease and please and, of course,  sissy training. I am so looking forward to the next phone fantasy call with Ms. Hunter and stroker boy missile dick!


Princess Britany

11 comments to Stroker Boy Missile Dick

  • Sparty2330

    Princess Britany-thank you for blogging about me again….I sincerely appreciate it! Ms Hunter has several requirements with my program which I’ll list below.
    1. I keep my chest, stomach, and package shaved bald
    2. I wear ultra skimpy gstrings daily not owning boxers or brief underwear
    3. I keep pronounced tan lines as required by Ms Hunter. She allows me to wear a larger thong to tan so my body gets darker while my pubic area remains as white as possible. She likes the way my gstrings stand out w my tan lines.
    4. I’m required to splay my balls wide so they are always on display. When I present myself to a woman I must reveal every detail/inch of my Dick and balls to her.
    5. I only cum when it’s approved
    6. I take pics Modeling my gstrings and send all of them to Ms Hunter for approval.
    7. She requires me to contact Mistresses individually, asking/begging to be allowed to share pics of me wearing 2 gstrings per email. Only on special occasions am I allowed to send more on a single message.
    8. I must ask every woman who views my pics to share them with their gfs. And ask the gfs who see them to share them.
    9. I’ve written many personal thank you notes to Mistresses, dispatchers, and gfs for taking the time to view my pics. I appreciate every woman taking time to view my pics.
    10. Ms Hunter controls my dick and balls therefore she decides who gets to view it. She rarely shares my pics as she requires me to share them when she commands it.

    As far as experiences go, Ms Hunter has required me to do calls wearing a ultra skimpy gstrings during the day and night. Ive been to many strip clubs getting lap dances and showing the dancers my Gstring and begged them to grind harder on me knowing I’m not allowed to cum. I’ve done tons of things in public after taking viagra, working out at the gym and going to the store are a couple of examples. Ms Hunter only allows me to wear shoes, socks, a Gstring, and a cock ring when I jog on my treadmill at home.

    There are so many experiences but those are some examples of what Ms Hunter requires of me.

  • Britany

    Thank you for posting this , for all the stuff I forgot and for all to learn!

  • Oh… I think I know exactly who missile dick stroker boy is. The g-string collection is nice! He does seem to need a bit more breaking in, but I’m sure Miss Hunter is pleased. Just so missile dick adheres to the assignment schedule he will be fine.

  • Ahhh, missile dick… you get so excited to share your pics and have women view your package, that somebody must keep you in check. Another thing is on the rare occasions missile dick is allowed to cum, he must take viagra and have multiple orgasms for my entertainment. 🙂

  • Britany!

    OMG, I love this post. I know EXACTLY who we are talking about. I’m one of the Mistresses who has seen that crotch stick!! bwaha haha. TLD tan lines are close to perfection, the contrast between his lilly white triangle and his deep tan lines are to DIE FOR! Mistress Hunter has done fantastic with him! I even shared his pics with friends! Laughing and “OMG’ing” over them. I’m still waiting on an answer from our last show and tell. HOW LONG is it, from the tippy tip of those long balls to the tippy tip of that crotch arrow! It really is, isn’t it Ms B?
    (sung like “broken arrow”) Who’s gonna bring you, a crotch arrow, who’s going to bring you a barrel of laughs, there he goes……… TLD …….moving across the water
    See you around the Empire!

  • Britany

    LOL..yes we have all had a go at him

  • Britany

    Lovely Ms Hunter. I’m looking forward

  • Britany

    He’s a pass around slut

  • Sparty2330

    After a year of being required to share pics it’s spiralled quickly and I have no ability to stop. Im extremely lucky to have you controlling my package & how often I must ask if women would like to view it! I love when you make me take viagra but I never fully know if I’ll be allowed to cum multiple times or if you will edge and leave me throbbing hard all night!

  • Sparty2330

    Mistress Erika, Thanks for posting and always approving when I beg to share my pics. I’m honored that you share my pics with your gfs and hope it continues! I’m still working on keeping my body tan and my triangle as white as possible since Ms Hunter added that requirement to my program.

  • Sparty2330

    Miss Lena, Ms Hunter is helping get me under control and I’m a very lucky man. I appreciate the compliments of my Gstring collection and I’m always searching for new and skimpier gstrings that I can model.

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