Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Camming Stroker Bois and Boys

WOW! Have they been camming up a storm for me. Boys, boys, boys with all different size cocks, beating and some eating. Few weeks ago that J-boy stroker from Joisey with legs above and cock shooting towards mouth. He likes sensual but calls me for bitch now and then. It’s always good to mix it up. A few strokers were denied orgasm, one was totally dressed enfemme with the pinkest of pink with the tiniest cock that received extreme humiliation, also a boy I took out of chastity to cum for his Mistress after 3 months. Three of them flaked out, couldn’t eat the cum and just hung up. One boy did a CFNM strip tease like a Chippendale’s boy, revealing a HUGE cock which he stroked off, came and ate. This boy did a multi-Mistress call with 4 of us! It was so funny when his cum blasted all over hitting the cam lens. He was saving splooge for 3 weeks just for us!

The Princess alliance lives!

Princess Andi and I did 2 calls last week,  good Ms Bad Ms. The boy became totally confused as we love to do. Yes you may cum, wait no you may not…you get the picture. If you are lucky enough to get Andi and me on the same day, I recommend it if you like total mindfuck!

Princess Britany