You're ssssssso papapathetic....

Enter stutterfuck, a genetic dead end. At the end of my call with Mr. sss (slow stupid sperm) , he told Ms Ally that enjoyed my humiliation of him and that I could get even nastier. OMG, you soooooooo just asked for it, stutterfuck. I can’t wait to talk to your panty wearing sissy ass again. Little stutterfuck actually does stutter. On our next call I’m gonna make him say Marilyn Monroe over and over again. I totally hope my girlfriends are here to laugh along and make him recite. Yes I’m mean, ruthless, and a bitch, which will inevitably get me very high marks in law school one day! stutterfuck is actually married. I think his wife married him for money or at the very least because she feels sorry for him. On top of his ssssstutter, he has a very small worthless loser dick. I hope stutterfuck does not have to do any public speaking. I can imagine the mean girl chuckles and giggles  in the ladies rest room after his presentation. Now wouldn’t  it be so rad if giggles broke out during his little presentation? I could just see the pee coming down his trembling leg as he wets his panties. In the office hallways after that, the humming of The Who’s “My Generation” mingle with the Musak.

Yesterday Jason came by and I teased and denied his cock. I brought him to 6 edges. he did comment on how good I am with this since I have gotten this phone sex job. In the end I denied release, he laughed and said no way. We had sex all night, Between the heat wave and the hot sex, I’m pretty tired today!

Princess Britany