Submissive Sissy Needs a Makeover

Submissive helpless sissy boi…stand up and confess for your makeover. Hahaha, I just got the sweetest comment from a cream puff. Certainly I excel in makeover magic using all of the best brands. When I do a sissy makeover fantasy, I like to take a long long time doing it, being sure the panty boi is made up to the most perfect detail.

Submissive Helpless Sissy Boi : Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Sexy Sissy Lips

Lipstick needs to take the longest time, to create full sensual lips with at least seven layers of lipstick, then a nice sexy gloss to sissies lips. It doesn’t matter if sissy is a cocksucker or not, it doesn’t matter if she is a cum eater, or a lesbian sissy. Her lips must be as much in order as her panties, shoes, dress, and hair.

Mistress Decides

After she is made up and dressed, she becomes submissive and helpless as a little sissy should be. This is where she becomes vulnerable enough to tie up and tease for the best of sissy bondage and maybe some spanking if she is a bad little sissy. Submissive is her demeanor and her end goal.

Mistress Runs the Show

A submissive sissy is always at the foot of her Mistress, and Mistress runs the show. Mistress decides the type of day they will have, Mistress decides what sissy will wear, what color to wear, what movie to see, what to eat, and how high sissy jumps, provided she is wearing her Keds, and not high heels.

Get Pretty and Call

This is exactly what I would do with a cute little girlie boi ready for an adventurous time with Princess Britany. Get your stilettos and pink Keds out and give me a call!


Princess Britany