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Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Are You Ready To Suck Cock?

Mondays for this, Tuesdays for that, Princess has a special day for little bi curious cocksuckers and cum eaters. That’s Sundays. Sunday on the west coast is just about over, so it’s time for all of my dick licking callers to get to the local fag bar for some dancing, drinks and twinks. I know you want to, you tell me about it on the phone all the time. Let’s prepare.

Princess Britany

Cocksucking Resources

No fag bar nearby? No problem. This is a good night to practice for the new year with some boy on boy dicklicking porn on your fave channel. This is a good substitute and will get you in shape for your new year resolution: that is to be the absolute best that you can be for me! Does it sound like a plan for your 2015? What I want is finding the biggest, then finding a dildo to practice on, and then finally do it. As I said…you call me to ask me to get you out there…just do it!

The Report

This coming Sunday I want calls with results. 80% of my sissy sluts beg to be coerced into cocksucking and cum eating. If a crossdresser can get out there to do it, so can a sissy!


I imagine a whole week of confessionals calling to admit their minds have been on the bi-trail. You can start by taking that dildo out for a loud and lovely suck, with or without panties. The very best will have a live dick there that moans and groans as I laugh and listen. Let’s finally get the balls rolling!


Princess Britany