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Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Cocksucking Boys

Ah yes…another one of my favorite subjects, coerced cocksucking. Having a boy take the plunge after so many declarations of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. All of the I’ll do it tomorrows are done and gone, and now you will finally do it, today, tonight, but not tomorrow! Always nice to see a cock in your mouth in a photo, on web cam, listening on the phone, but best is live and up close…real close! Since this is not possible except for calls, I should describe bi-cocksucking experiences I’ve had with real time sissies and ….ahem….real men!

Slave Learns To Suck Cock

One little slave awhile back always said he would suck cock for me, and I said prove it, fag!We had drinks at a gay bar and he did score a blowjob but the gay boy wanted nothing to do with me watching but agreed to video it. As I sat at the bar, a video came in to my I-Phone. Lo and behold, there was Richard sucking cock as promised. Gay boy complained of his skill, so I had him practice with dildos for the next. Now Richard is a happy and horny bi sexual cocksucker, now making noise about having his little anal hole fucked!

Sissy Cock Queen Is A Natural

One little sissy I played with had to start on his knees sucking the strap on. She eventually gave a blow job to a guy I was dating who would take a bj from just about anyone. As long as he swallows cum he said. This was arranged and the sissy gave the absolute best bj with no lessons. Some have natural talent, and some need to be taught!


Princess Britany