He Makes Me Feel Like A Natural Princess.....

He Makes Me Feel Like A Natural Princess…..

He Won’t Suck Your Dick

I was telling J-boy about Mr. Big Dick a few days ago. He doesn’t do submissive male like you do. He won’t suck dick, and I can’t convince him to suck dick. He has never tasted cum. Forget about sissy panties or chastity cages. He’s a regular big dicked boy, and he’s too nice to sneer at a tiny little dick like I will.

Zane In The Back Seat Again

That’s my new guy. You would do anything to suck his cock for the sake of enjoying the biggest and the best. What does super dick think of Zane? He accepts the fact that a Princess needs a slave to play with, someone around to do my chores. He’s a sweet and sensitive boy with all the trimmings.

No Fagging Allowed!

Zane wants to play fag, but that’s not gonna happen, I’m afraid. My lifestyle confuses him a bit, but he’s very open-minded and accepting. One thing he will not tolerate is deceit, so I am perfectly honest with him. He does get a chuckle out of my description of small penis humiliation. Maybe deep down inside he is a bit arrogant about his big cock?

What’s in store for super dick in the submissive male department? For now things will stay as they are, and who knows, he may come around. Oh…..12 and a half inches, yep 🙂


Princess Britany