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Sweet Loads

Of course not for me, for you, sissy cock breath. Many descriptive images come to mind when you describe the taste of cum on your latest adventures. Adventures in glory hole parlors, in corners of nasty book stores, and the listings you have placed. Now those are the most interesting because there is intrigue or danger. Somehow you all seem to make it home just fine.

Who Gave You The Best Load?

Now discussing the taste of cum, how was it? Who was the tastiest cock to date. Did he humiliate you while the stream shot in the back of your throat? Did he offer a reciprocal blow job? Did he want a Mistress there holding your ears and twisting them while she uses her strap on to make you squeal?

Your Taste Is?

Do you delight in meeting a random dick with sweet tasting cum, or do you like it salty and sour. I would imagine you are not selective if you are a sissy slut. A faggy boy may have more discretion. Just remember dick breath, I think in your case, beggars can’t be choosers, and any cock will do? I would hope you would use discretion, and maybe you will eat a sweet load!


Princess Britany