Suck That Cumsickle!

Suck That Cumsickle!

Broken In With Pineapple

A subject I never tire on is cum eating for a Mistress. Of course, sometimes a boy has to be broken in with condiments and recipes to make the experience more and more enjoyable. I say more and more because eventually I want the “naked lunch” of absolutely nothing but cum. How humiliating! The good thing about this recipe is if Mistress decides to keep this boy on a three day program, the pineapple in the mix will provide pleasant tasting cummies. Now for the recipe:

1/4 cup of canned pineapple
1 Tsp sugar
2 Tbsp sweet and sour sauce
cum saved from a one hour marathon orgasm session ( especially good if the boy has been in orgasm denial for one month )
Pop molds or some dixie cups

The Volume Of Cum, Muy Importante!

If little cum is produced, then reduce the recipe by half. It’s best to do this in one or two sessions. The cum is to be frozen with the recipe. Cum does not freeze well on it’s own. The recipe provides enough ingredients for good frozen results. After ingredients are poured into the mold, top it off with some chunks of pineapple.

Mistress Directs The Session

Now for the session. Of course you have been looking forward to this part, of actually consuming it while Mistress directs your every move! You will make this treat with her watching your every move on cam to assure that you have made it. Do not cheat and make an extra without cum. You are only cheating yourself of the wonderful recipe that makes cum eating fun!


Princess Britany