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Mall Sissy Saturday: Let’s Go!

Mall sissy or, more likely, sissies on a Saturday afternoon, sitting at the pavilion having a pink smoothie and looking at her shopping list. What does she need today except to strut and be noticed in her girlie wear. Here I come, Princess Britany. The hot girl you always wanted to be, and I’m . . . → Read More: Mall Sissy Saturday: Let’s Go!

Princess Power Cock Control

Princess Is A Director Of Cock

Princess power is all about directing whatever she puts her mind to. In this case, cock control.  Cock control is practiced by boys who WANT cock control. A spark lights and, aha……I want cock control. I cum too quick, I can’t satisfy my girlfriend, I cum before even . . . → Read More: Princess Power Cock Control

Hey Sissy! Your Bra Straps Are Showing

Sissy Spotting

It was weekend sissy spotting at the mall. Of course Maya and I had plans for shopping for a club event this coming weekend, but the panty boy pickings were just too irresistible to pass up. After all, sissy humiliation is part of Princess agenda! Three girlie bois were spotted in . . . → Read More: Hey Sissy! Your Bra Straps Are Showing

Body Worship And Cock Teasing

Princess Britany 1-800-356-6169

Hand And Foot Job

They do go hand in hand and foot in foot! Imagine what a pair of soft perfectly manicured hands can do on the stiffie of a boy who is all tied up to the wooden bed frame. We simply cannot stop there. When a princess gets . . . → Read More: Body Worship And Cock Teasing

It's Foot Fetish Friday!


Foot fetish Friday is here and will be here every Friday with images of my perfect feet, recent pedicures, shoes, and news about foot boys who call me regularly. Eventually audios on how to worship a priceless Princess foot! Let’s start with basics.

Imagine on you knees giving me worship . . . → Read More: It’s Foot Fetish Friday!