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Dick Breath Jay-Me Rides Again

Got Dick Breath?

What’s a dick breath? He sucks cock so much that even a glass of water wastes time, so his mouth gets worn and dry and all you smell is his cum eating. His dick is little too, so his wife ignores him and blows him off but not in the way . . . → Read More: Dick Breath Jay-Me Rides Again

Creepy Phone Sex Calls

How’s Yer Cunt?

We do get a few of them but one in particular makes me mute the phone so I can laugh out loud. The call always starts ” Hows yer cunt” in a whispery creepy phone sex voice. I always reply my cunt is as always, golden. I then, “Hows yer lil . . . → Read More: Creepy Phone Sex Calls

Shoe fetish, leg fetish, worship your Princess!

I was just telling the tease toy that I prefer manageable heels of 5 to 6″. Shoe fetish requires only top shelf, no made in China crap. I like Betsy Johnson but have no newer ones, and for all I know she may be having them made in China. For leisure at home wear, . . . → Read More: Shoe fetish, leg fetish, worship your Princess!

Goddesses of Humiliation

Goddesses, Princesses and Mistresses all have that humiliation brand in common. There are all kinds, of course! I don’t have to go through the list, or do I? You like hearing it. It most likely makes your cock hard at any size. When you hear the word Goddess, you may immediately think of hot . . . → Read More: Goddesses of Humiliation

Naked Exposed CFNM Boy Toy

Naked, exposed and humiliated are you? When you begged and pleaded on your knees to be my latest CFNM boy toy at my all girl party, you didn’t know exactly how it would go. You agreed to go the whole nine yards without turning back. You got all whine-y, but no. Complete the task . . . → Read More: Naked Exposed CFNM Boy Toy